Macedonian patent office (SOIP) with new website

fe99f080-0c29-4227-8870-a6a4d41318af-240x166SOIP  put feature new website that has a refreshing new design and look. Also, put a new engine to search for patents, trademarks and industrial design.

New features on the site

The new website incorporates the latest technologies and models for software development , such as :

Responsive web design, this technique gives you the opportunity to create a website that old adapts to every computer screen , such as PC , laptop , tablet , smartphone , etc. , which means the content aligns in accordance with any size is monitor .The design is  simple and very intuitive . Main Menu is the top side , the left side filters content for easier browsing , the right to put links that are frequently used, and in the middle goes main content . Integration of social networks – under the main menu on the right hand placed buttons that allow sharing site with most social networks online, by mail or printing a document .

Google Maps integration – Google Maps is integrated into the case when we are looking for an address in Google Maps, translated by x and y coordinates and finding that location on the map . An example in this case also show data in registrirarani Advocates Office.

RSS feeds – RSS feeds are integrated , currently only for the news section .


New search for patents , trademarks and industrial design has incorporated mathematical operators such as =,>, <,> = <=, LIKE, AND, OR that help the user to build more complex and more precise searches . The discovered results can now be saved in Excel, Word documents , or print button through print.Detalniot review of cases now cleaner and more legible guises , the data are presented in tabular form , images and more time to open a lot faster than the previous one . Detailed review can now be shared via email or social networks . Admin panel is a web application now too , now provides more flexible features for managing the content of the website.

Dear readers we too we appreciate your feedback on the new site , if you have any comments or find errors or slow opening please give us feedback.

Source: Macedonian patent office

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