JIPA`s participation in the 20th session of WIPO-SCP

jipaJIPA participated, for the first time since May 2003, in  the 20th session of WIPO-SCP (Standing Committee of the Law of Patents) held at Geneva, Switzerland, January, 2014.

The subjects of the meeting have been “Quality of patents, including opposition systems,” “Exceptions and limitations to patent rights,” “Patents and health,” “Transfer of technology,” and “Confidentiality of communications between clients and their patent advisors”.

JIPA aims to synchronize the direction of its actions towards harmonization of the patent laws with the opinions of the other participants. It is interesting to observe the presence of developed and developing countries as well, which have different points of view regarding patent rights protection.

The discussion was focused on the international harmonization of patents, based on the different positions.

JIPA will continue to participate in the forum and to follow up the activities, because it helps understanding international trends of harmonization of patent laws.

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