India is on the Priority Watch List in 2014

special-301USTR accentuates on the importance of the constructive cooperation between The United States and India. That is why The US will support India improving IPR protection and enforcement by: “strengthening IP-related discussions between U.S. and Indian government officials; facilitating regular exchanges among IP-intensive industries and both governments; initiating cooperative efforts to combat piracy; and working with the Government of India to encourage the private sector to establish an IP-related task force under the U.S.-India CEO Forum.”  In 2013, India has achieved some progress by implementing the Madrid Protocol, working for fighting signal theft by cable operators and has voted some amendments to the Copyrights Act of India.  But, according to the Special 301 Report, IP protection and enforcement challenges in India persist and increase and The US are concerned about the future of the reforms.

The United States expects from India actions regarding the following concerns: “strengthening civil IPR enforcement by increasing judicial efficiency and reducing court backlogs through electronic case management, fast-track procedures, specialized judges, and similar reform measures,  initiating criminal investigations and launch raids at counterfeit goods markets; combating the manufacture, sale and distribution of counterfeit medicines; initiating investigations and judicial actions against Internet piracy; and seeking deterrent sentences against persons or entities engaging in copyright piracy and trademark counterfeiting.”

The entire report can be found here.

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