2nd TM5 User Conference

JapanJIPA announced that The Trademark Five Party User Conference (TM5) was held on December 6th, in Seoul, South Korea, between Japan, USA, Europe, China and South Korea. The participants were JPO, USPTO, OHIM, KIPO and SAIC, JPAA, JTA and JIPA, INTA and KPAA. Before the Conference itself, the participants and user groups had the opportunity to meet each other.

JIPA`s participation was marked by a proposal for “Bad Faith Project” for the “introduction of a trademark system whereby applicants are required to prove a lack of malicious intent.” JIPA expressed also a wish to “clarify ID LIST addition procedures when a new service or product comes out” and “introduce an application system that uses an ID LIST framework when filing Madrid Protocol applications.”

JIPA reports that in 2014, the Conference will be held in Japan and the Trademark Committee will pursue the efforts to improve the trademark system.

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