WIPO Re:Search – 150 Collaborations in the Fight Against NTDs, Malaria and Tuberculosis

researchWIPO Re:Search has recently surpassed 150 research collaborations in the fight against Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs), malaria and tuberculosis (TB). This marks an important milestone for the consortium that aims to improve global health through the sharing of intellectual property (IP) protected materials and other know how.

This public-private consortium, established in 2011 between WIPO and BIO Ventures for Global Health (BVGH) (a U.S.-based global health non-profit organization), currently has 141 members spanning 41 countries.

WIPO Re:Search catalyzes the development of new medicines and technologies in the fight against NTDs, malaria and TB. Through innovative research partnerships, it makes IP available to researchers who need it.  Members include pharmaceutical companies, universities, research centers, and others with IP assets and proven expertise.

WIPO Re:Search collaborations enable scientists to obtain IP assets (e.g. molecular compounds), data, know-how, and additional resources, thereby, saving time and money in developing new medicines and technologies to counter these debilitating illnesses.

One of the significant collaborations under WIPO Re:Search is Eisai (Japan) + Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (United Kingdom) (2014 – present).

Dr. Alister Craig and his colleagues at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine were working on finding a medication that could help prevent brain swelling in children with cerebral malaria, which is caused by the parasite P. falciparum interfering with a blood clotting process.

On the other side of the world, experts at leading Japanese pharmaceutical company Eisai had invested in developing atopaxar, the protein inhibitor Dr. Craig’s team needed to move their research forward.

Through a WIPO Re:Search collaboration, Dr. Craig reached out to Eisai and was given access to these compounds.

Source: WIPO

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