WIPO is launching Madrid ‘how-to’ videos

videoThe new initiative of WIPO are the so called Madrid ‘How-to’ videos. Their aim is to provide straightforward explanations of some of the key issues at play when users are managing their international trademark registrations.

Factoring in some of the most frequently asked questions, WIPO’s team has launched a new range of short videos with on-screen examples and visual aids to help people navigate the registration process with ease and confidence. They’re designed to help users avoid the common misunderstandings and errors that can arise when completing the online forms.

The new video format is in line with the online tutorials, helping users to master the basics of various Madrid System transactions in less than five minutes. There will be provided website resources and useful tips for completing forms and transactions with WIPO, and with IP Offices of Madrid Union members.

The first episode on “How to change the ownership of an international registration” is now available online.

The Madrid ‘How-to’ video series is not yet finished, so users are welcome to send tutorial suggestions about what aspects of using the Madrid System would be interesting for them. This can be done by selecting ‘ask a question’ at Contact Madrid, and tagging it with ‘Madrid “How-To” video proposal’ in the comments.

Source: World Intellectual Property Organization