WIPO Director General Welcomes Ratification by China of Beijing Treaty on Audiovisual Performances, Inaugurates WIPO China Office

nmfNK5zGeneral Director of WIPO, Francis Gurry, welcomed the ratification of the Beijing Treaty an Audiovisual Performance by the People’s Republic of China during an official visit to Beijing at which the Director General also participated in the inauguration of the new WIPO China Office.

China’s instrument of ratification was presented to Mr. Gurry by Mr. Cai Fuchao, Minister, National Copyright Administration of China.

“China not only showed leadership in the negotiations that led to the conclusion of the Beijing Treaty, but is among the first countries to ratify the agreement,” said Mr. Gurry. He added “This shows China’s commitment to securing legal protection to performers in their audiovisual performances.”

China is the fifth contracting party to the Beijing Treaty, named after the city that hosted the diplomatic conference that concluded the pact in 2012. The treaty shores up the rights of performers in audiovisual works, such as films, TV series or musicals. The Beijing Treaty will enter into force after 30 ratifications or accessions are presented to WIPO.

Mr. Gurry thanked the Chinese Government for the extensive support in setting up the office in Beijing, and noted “Following the successful holding of the diplomatic conference to conclude the Beijing Treaty, the opening of WIPO China Office is another milestone in the close cooperation between WIPO and China.”

The office will also provide legal and technical assistance on all aspects of industrial property and copyright and related rights to various Government authorities and institutions. It will also promote use of WIPO’s services and provide assistance for more efficient use of WIPO’s Patent Cooperation Treaty, the Madrid System for the international registration of trademarks, the Hague System for the international registration as well other WIPO services.