Upcoming deadline for trademark renewal in Rwanda

trademark renewalТrademarks filed prior to the coming into force of Rwanda Law 31/2009 on the Protection of Intellectual Property are scheduled for renewal by 14 December 2019.

Rwanda Law 31/2009 on the Protection of Intellectual Property was enacted in 2009 and came into force on 14 December 2009. This legislation has contributed to the consolidation and integration of Intellectual Property laws in the country.

The provisions of Law 31/2009 require all trademarks filed under the previous arrangements (when the duration of registration was unlimited) to be renewed 10 years after the new Law came into force. Тhe Registry have clarified that the renewal due date of old Law cases is 14 December 2019 based on the date of publication.

Having in mind that a large volume of cases are due for trademark renewal on the same date, some delays at the Registry are expected during that period. Trademark owners are advised to proceed with the renewal of such cases early. Applications for renewal may be carried out at any time before 14 December 2019. The term of renewal will not be shortened. Cases filed for renewal at this time will be renewed until 14 December 2029.

Even though there’s a grace period for late renewals this may carry the payment of extra fees.