Fees in Benelux will increase after 1st January 2019

BeneluxThe official fees in Benelux for trademarks will increase from 1st January 2019.

Also the system will change, from 1st January 2019 the system that there is one official fee for 1 to 3 classes will be abandoned. Instead, there will be separate class fees for renewals and fresh applications. The extra class fee from the third class will be much higher than the extra class fee for the second class. This is similar to the fee structure for EU-trademark applications and renewals. The reason for the steep increase of class fees after the second class is to prevent dilution of the Register, assuming that applicants file in 3 classes, even though their core products or services fall only in 1 or 2 classes.

This has implications for applications and renewals. After 1st January 2019 fresh applications and renewals in more than 1 class will be more expensive.


The old fee structure will apply to trademark registrations for which a request for renewal has been filed before 1st January, but which are due for renewal ultimately 6 months after 31st December 2019 (the renewal request can only be filed 6 months before the expiration date).

It is advisable clients with Benelux trademark registrations in more than 1 class which are due for renewal between 1st January 2019 and 30 June 2019 to file for renewal before 1st January 2019. This way they will save money.

                                    Total fees until 31st Dec 2018    Total fees after 1st Jan 2019
Renewal 1st class         500 EURO                                 500 EURO
Renewal in 2 classes     500 EURO                                 560 EURO
Renewal in 3 classes     500 EURO                                 730 EURO
Renewal in 4 classes     615 EURO                                 900 EURO

Fresh applications:

Furthermore, if clients consider to file a trademark in Benelux in more than 1 class, it is recommended to do this before 1st January 2019.

                                      Total fees until 31st Dec 2018    Total fees after 1st Jan 2019
Application 1st class       685 EURO                                  685 EURO
Application in 2 classes   685 EURO                                 745 EURO
Application in 3 classes   685 EURO                                 895 EURO
Application in 4 classes   835 EURO                                 1045 EURO