The debate about the application of a private copying levy has been postponed

copying-levy-50x50After a request of the Executive Power, the Senate postponed the treatment of a bill that tried to establish a levy (also known as blank media tax) charged on purchases of recordable media that allow the copy of intellectual works.

After the warning emitted by the Ministry of the Economy on the potential negative impact that could have the application of the levy in the sale of recordable media, as well as the countless critics done of the project through social nets, they proposed the postponement of the debate.

Groups of ONGs and internet users expressed your opposition to the initiative for the obstacles that this levy would place in the access to new technologies of wide sections of the society.

The law project states the application of a number of aliquots (between 1% and 75%) that they should be applied in different devices that allow digital copies.

In agreement with the article 11 they would only be exempted of such payment” producing of phonograms, audiovisual works and broadcasting companies, for the communication means, equipment or devices for the use of your businesses, since they have the due authorization for reproduction of works, artistic presentations, phonograms or audiovisual works”.