The Australian Intellectual Property Report 2014 launched

On the 24 th of April was released the second Australian Intellectual Property Report, a comprehensive overview of Australia’s IP system and how we compare globally. A useful resource for business, industry and academics, the report provides detailed analysis of the role of IP in our economy, the activity of Australian businesses, and emerging IP trends and evidence.

The report shows positive growth in applications across all types of IP rights, with a spike in patent applications in Australia over the past year.

Key findings of note include:

  • Growing demand for intellectual property rights mirrors global trends, but mixed results from Australian residents.
  • The majority of patent applications in Australia are filed by non-residents mostly from the US.
  • Australians are increasingly going abroad to Asia and China to launch new trade marks.
  • The fastest growing trade mark filers are from China (up 20% from the previous year), Switzerland (21%) and South Korea (17%).
  • Australia has a well-functioning, highly regarded IP system and all the right ingredients for strong innovation output.

You can view the report or see more information on our Economics page.