In accordance with the Brazilian National Institute of Industrial Property there´re two  forms to requiring the protection of an invention in other countries:

– directly in the nation where one wishes to obtain the protection via CUP (Convention from Paris Union) or

– by PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) to the Inventions and Utility Models.

Such PCT is a Multilateral Treaty that allows to requiring the patent protection from an invention, simultaneously, in a big number of countries, via an only International Patent Application filing.
This Treaty is administered by WIPO  (World Intellectual Property Organization) and participates 146 signatories countries or that sign (until September 2012), between them the Brazil. Its main goal is to simplify and make more economic protection of invention when the same will be asked in many countries.

A PCT patent application can be made by any person that has nationality, in other words, resident in a member state of the Treaty.

More information you may find in the webpage of INPI.


Source: César Alexandre Leão Barcellos
Lawyer and Licensed Patent and Trademark Attorney
César A. Leão Barcellos &Cia.Ltd.
Porto Alegre City, Brazil