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The Advertisement Law of the People’s Republic of China was amended on April 24, 2015, since its adoption on October 27, 1994, and comes into force on September 1, 2015.

It brings about significant changes to the regulatory regime for advertising activities in China. In particular, it prohibits the use of tobacco trademarks and brand names in the advertising of other products and services.


The Decree No. 2015-303 of June 1, 2015, establishing the Procedures for the Registration of and Opposition to the Registration of Trademarks and Service Marks, as well as the Procedures concerning Recording in the National Register of Marks came into force on June 9, 2015, and repealed Decree No. 2001-1603 of July 11, 2001.

The Decree introduces the following modifications:

(i) introduction of electronic filing of applications for the registration of trademarks;
(ii) setting out of provisions governing the trademark registration through the Madrid Protocol;
(iii) extension during the opposition period of the time for the applicant to submit observations from 45 days to 2 months from the date of notification of the opposition;
(iv) fixation of a maximum period of 8 months from the date of submission of observations for the applicant and the opponent to attempt conciliation in the trademark opposition;
(v) extension to 2 months from 1 month of the period during which the opponent may furnish proof of the use of the trademarks upon which opposition has been based; and
(vi) definition of a period of 2 months for the applicant to submit the missing documents to request recording of a change of names, addresses, ownership, assignment, etc., in the National Register of Marks.

Source: World Intellectual Property Organization