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Syria Legislation

Law No. 12/2001 Copyright Law of Syria

According to the provisions of the constitution and the approval of the people’s Assembly in its session of 26/11/1421 Hijjri. Concurrent with 19/2/2001 AD the following is herein issued. Chapter I Definitions: Article 1: In enforcement of the Law herein, the following expressions shall hold the meanings corresponding thereof: The Ministry: Ministry of Culture. The Minister: […]

Law No. 7 of 2008 on Competition Protection and Prevention of Monopoly

President of the Republic Pursuant to the provisions of the Constitution; And to the People’s Assembly decisions in its session dated 31/3/2008, issues the following: Chapter 1: Definitions and Scope of Law Enforcement Article 3: Scope of Enforcement: First – This law shall be enforceable on the following: 1. All establishments, according to their above-mentioned definition, […]

Law No. 8 of 2007 on the Protection of Trademarks, Geographical Indications and Industrial Designs and Models

Pursuant to the rules of the constitution & to what has been approved by the People Assembly in its session that was held on 16/2/1428 AH corresponding to 6/3/2007, president of the Republic issues the following: First Part Identifying Marks First Chapter Definitions Article (1) In connection with applying the rules of this law, the […]