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Libya Legislation

Law No. 40 of 1956 on Trademarks

Pursuant to Law No.40, 1956 and its amendments, the Libyan legislator regulates the protection of trademarks. Its provisions define the true nature of the trademark, the marks which are not registrable, registration procedures, the expiry of marks property and their mortgage, registration renewal and cancellation, the disputes concerning trademarks registration and property and how to […]

Law No. 8 of 1959 on Patents and Industrial Designs and Models

We, Idris the 1st, king of the United Kingdom of Libya, The Chamber of Senates and the House of representatives endorsed the law of the following provisions, which we approved and issued, Section No. 1 Chapter No.1 The Patent Article No.1 (a) In respect with the application of this law, any innovation that is industrially […]

Law No. 9 for 1968 Issuing the Copyright Protection Law

We Idris the First, King of the Kingdom of Libya The Senate Council and the Representation Council have approved the following law, and hereby sanction and issue this law. Article (1) The provisions of this law shall apply to copyright protection and any provisions inconsistent therewith shall be repealed. Article (2) The Minister of Information […]