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WIPO Standards

Standards of a general nature, common to information and documentation

  • Standard ST.2: Manner for designating calendar dates (May 1997) [PDF]
  • Standard ST.3: Two-letter codes for the representation of states, other entities and organizations (December 2009) [PDF]
  • Standard ST.13: Numbering of applications for IPRs (February 2008) [PDF]

Standards relating to Patent Information and Documentation

  • Standard ST.1: Minimum data elements required to uniquely identify a patent document (May 2001) [PDF]
  • Standard ST.6: Numbering of published patent documents (December 2002) [PDF]
  • Standard ST.7: Microforms (May 1998) [PDF]
  • Standard ST.7/A: 8-up aperture card microform (May 1998) [PDF]
  • Standard ST.7/B: 16 mm Roll Microfilm (December 1990) [PDF]
  • Standard ST.7/C: 35 mm Roll Microfilm in 8-up configuration (December 1990) [PDF]
  • Standard ST.7/D: Method of identifying Roll Microfilm files (December 1990) [PDF]
  • Standard ST.7/E: Photo-optically generated microfiches (December 1990) [PDF]
  • Standard ST.7/F: Computer Output Microfiches (COM) (December 1990) [PDF]
  • Standard ST.8: IPC symbols on machine-readable records (November 2004) [PDF]
  • Standard ST.9: Bibliographic data on and relating to patents and SPCs (February 2008) [PDF]
  • Standard ST.10: Published patent documents (November 1997) [PDF]
  • Standard ST.10/A: Format of patent documents (April 1994) [PDF]
  • Standard ST.10/B: Layout of bibliographic data components (December 2008) [PDF]
  • Standard ST.10/C: Presentation of bibliographic data components (December 2009) [PDF]
  • Standard ST.10/D: Physical characteristics of patent documents (December 1990) [PDF]
  • Standard ST.11: Minimum of indexes to be inserted in patent gazettes (December 1990) [PDF]
  • Standard ST.12: Preparation of abstracts of patent documents (April 1994) [PDF]
  • Standard ST.12/A: Abstracts of patent documents (April 1994) [PDF]
  • Standard ST.12/B: Categorized patent abstract (April 1994) [PDF]
  • Standard ST.12/C: Physical characteristics of separately published abstracts (April 1994) [PDF]
  • Standard ST.14: References cited in patent documents (February 2008) [PDF]
  • Standard ST.15: Titles of inventions in patent documents (December 1995) [PDF]
  • Standard ST.16: Identification of different kinds of patent documents (May 1997) [PDF]
  • Standard ST.17: Headings of announcements made in official gazettes (December 1990) [PDF]
  • Standard ST.18: Patent gazettes and other patent announcement journals (November 1997) [PDF]
  • Standard ST.19: Indexes issued by IPO (December 1990) [PDF]
  • Standard ST.20: Name indexes to patent documents (December 1993) [PDF]
  • Standard ST.21: Reduction of volume of priority documents (April 1994) [PDF]
  • Standard ST.22: Authoring of patent applications for the purpose of OCR (December 2008) [PDF]
  • Standard ST.25: Presentation of nucleotide and amino acid sequence listings (December 2009) [PDF]
  • Standard ST.30: Magnetic tape format for the exchange of data and documents (December 1991) [PDF]
  • Standard ST.31: Character sets for the exchange of patent documents (October 1996) [PDF]
  • Standard ST.32: Markup of patent documents using SGML (November 1995) [PDF]
  • Standard ST.33: Data exchange of facsimile information of patent documents (February 1999) [PDF]
  • Standard ST.34: Recording of application numbers in electronic form (May 1997) [PDF]
  • Standard ST.35: Data exchange of mixed-mode published patent information on MMMT (December 1999) [PDF]
  • Standard ST.36: Processing of patent information using XML (November 2007) [PDF]
    – ST.36 Supplementary Material
  • Standard ST.40: Facsimile images of patent documents available on CD-ROM (April 1993) [PDF]
  • Standard ST.50: Corrections, alterations and supplements relating to patent information (December 2009) [PDF]

Standards relating to Trademark Information and Documentation

  • Standard ST.60: Bibliographic data relating to marks (December 2008) [PDF]
  • Standard ST.62: Standard abbreviation for “Vienna Classification” (December 1992) [PDF]
  • Standard ST.63: Content and layout of trademark gazettes (November 1997) [PDF]
  • Standard ST.64: Search files for trademark search (May 1996) [PDF]
  • Standard ST.66: Processing of trademark information using XML (December 2007) [PDF]
    – ST.66 Appendices A, B, C, D and E)
  • Standard ST.67: Electronic management of the figurative elements of trademarks (December 2009) [PDF]

Standards relating to Industrial Design Information and Documentation

  • Standard ST.80: Bibliographic data relating to industrial designs (January 2004) [PDF]
  • Standard ST.81: Content and layout of industrial designs gazettes (November 1997) [PDF]
  • Standard ST.86: Processing of industrial design information using XML (February 2008) [PDF]
    – ST.86 Appendices A, B, C, D and E)

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