High-level colloquium on Artificial Intelligence

Artificial IntelligenceOn 28-29 March AIPLA, AIPPI and FICPI jointly organised a high-level colloquium on Artificial Intelligence (AI) with a focus on AI and Patent, Copyright and Trade Secret protection in Turin, Italy.

The event addressed the challenges arising from rapid developments with respect to AI, a topic of critical importance to IP holders and businesses as the Fourth Industrial Revolution continues.

The Colloquium made a review of the current state of protection of Artificial Intelligence by Patents, followed by consideration of policies to best promote and protect AI going forward for the benefit of the public.

The event considered four specific patent topics: 1) patent eligibility, 2) assessment of inventiveness, 3) adequacy of disclosure, and 4) inventorship.  The Colloquium also reviewed the current state of protection of AI under both Copyright and Trade Secret laws. It began with demonstrations of AI in various fields of technology, as well as technical discussions of AI, i.e., the terminology used and the concepts involved.  This was followed by discussions of the impact of AI on the intellectual property profession and the various Patent Offices.

Key comment:

The increasingly widespread use of AI in new technologies, even in the very creation of new innovation, is challenging some of the fundamental concepts of IP law, especially in relation to Patents. It seems incongruous that important inventions in this field may be deprived of adequate protection on the application of established IP laws.”- Julian Crump, President of FICPI

The Colloquium was intended to facilitate the continuing development of the intellectual property system for the protection of AI-implemented and created inventions for the benefit of the public.