The Estonian Patent Office digitises 55,000 dossiers

Estonian Patent OfficeThe Estonian Patent Office (EPA) has implemented the European Cooperation project ‘ECP5: Capture and Store Historical Files’.

The project, carried out with the support of the EUIPO’s European Cooperation Projects, aims to digitise paper files across the EU’s intellectual property offices. The aim is to enable easy and rapid access to documentation and data related to trade mark and design dossiers.

Over 55,000 dossiers have been digitised and information from more than 2,000 decisions captured. The Estonian implementation started in April 2019 and was completed on 11 November 2019, two months ahead of schedule.

The Estonian Patent Office is the fifth office to implement the project. With another three offices in progress, the total number of digitised dossiers has now reached 400,000.

The main goal of the project is to support the participating offices in creating a paperless working environment and to help users interact digitally with intellectual property offices.

Structured around a project-based approach, European cooperation at the EUIPO has five strands. Each strand contains at least one project, which is supported by a working group comprising EU national and regional IP office experts, users, and, where relevant, experts from international organisations.

Source: European Union Intellectual Property Office