ePCT available for Australian users

wipo_pct_logo270IPAustralia introduced ePCT- the WIPO online system ensuring to the Receiving Offices (RO), the International Authorities and to registered customers, access to the “latest bibliographic data and documents on file at the International Bureau ”. The system could also be used directly by registered users, who could fill applications, submit requests online, have access to data and documents according to their needs etc.

IPAustralia presents also other significant advantages of the ePCT system:”

  • Filing of new International Applications
  • The ability to maintain, monitor and review multiple PCT portfolios
  • Immediate allocation of a PCT application number upon filing
  • A reduced International filing fee for an electronic filing
  • Access to up to date information on each application
  • Ability to allocate and manage roles and access to selected parties
  • Ability to upload documents for consideration by the processing office
  • A link to WIPO’s DAS system, obtaining their priority documents from DAS
  • Does not require installation and maintenance of any software locally”