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Malaysia is already part of the Madrid System

On September 27, 2019, the Government of Malaysia deposited its instrument of accession to the Madrid Protocol with WIPO’s Director General, making Malaysia the 106th member of the Madrid System, which now covers 122 countries. The Protocol will enter into force for Malaysia on December 27th, 2019.

economic growth

Industries that use intellectual property rights generate 45% of GDP in the EU

Industries that make intensive use of intellectual property rights (IPRs) such as patents, trademarks, industrial designs and copyright generate 45% of GDP (EUR 6.6 trillion) in the EU annually. They also account for 63 million jobs (29% of all jobs). A further 21 million people are employed in sectors that supply these industries with goods […]

patent registration

Naturally obtained plants and seeds are not subject to patent registration

Fruit, vegetables or animals obtained from conventional breeding processes, such as crossing, must not become patentable, MEPs said in a non-legislative resolution last Thursday.

EU enforcement

EU enforcement of intellectual property rights

In 2012 the EUIPO created the Anti-Counterfeiting Intelligence Support Tool (ACIST). In 2013, following the mandate to its European Observatory on Infringements of Intellectual Property Rights, the EUIPO made the ACIST database available to all law enforcement authorities in every EU Member State, thus launching the ‘ACIST community’.

Electronic Filing and Processing of International Applications

Electronic Filing and Processing of International Applications

Nicaragua: Registry of Intellectual Property (Nicaragua) to begin receiving and processing international applications in electronic form

patent applications

EPO and USPTO discussed recent IP developments

EPO President António Campinos met with Under Secretary of Commerce for Intellectual Property and Director of the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) Andrei Iancu in Munich on 12 September. They discussed recent developments in intellectual property and co-operation between the two offices.

IP portal

New IP portal launched by WIPO

WIPO has launched its new IP Portal, a one-stop shop to the Organization’s full range of online intellectual property (IP) services. For users of WIPO’s IP services for patents, trademarks and industrial designs, the IP Portal will provide greater consistency in how they interact with WIPO, while maintaining the underlying business processes.

Hellenic Industrial Property Organisation

Enhanced Back Office System by the Hellenic Industrial Property Organisation

The Hellenic Industrial Property Organisation (OBI), with the support of the EUIPO’s European Cooperation projects, has implemented an enhanced back office system.

Eurasian Patent Convention

Adoption of the Protocol on the Protection of Industrial Designs to the Eurasian Patent Convention

On September 9, 2019, the Diplomatic Conference on the Adoption of the Protocol on the Protection of Industrial Designs to the Eurasian Patent Convention (Industrial Designs Protocol) was held in Nur-Sultan, the capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

IP Horizon 5.0 Conference In  Alicante

IP Horizon 5.0 Conference In Alicante

On 26-27 September, the Office (EUIPO) will hold the IP Horizon 5.0 Conference: Mapping opportunities and challenges in a globalised economy.

IP offices

EPO meets with users and IP offices in Sweden, Finland and Denmark

Led by President António Campinos, an EPO delegation which included Nellie Simon, Vice-President Corporate Services, and Christoph Ernst, Vice-President for Legal and International Affairs, visited Sweden, Finland and Denmark.

legal texts

New trademark legal texts in Argentina

Decree No. 242/2019 of April 1, 2019, on Approval of the Regulation of Law No. 22.362 of December 26, 1980, on Trademarks and Designations 


Bulgaria – Positive political and economic outlook

Nikoly Vassilev, Managing partner and Executive director of Expat Capital, the largest independent asset management company in Bulgaria, recently published a report about the current political and economic state of the country. Report key points: As a NATO member since 2004 and an EU member since 2007, Bulgaria is enjoying political and economic stability Debt/GDP […]


Nomination period for the European Inventor Award 2020

The nomination period for the European Inventor Award 2020 is now open. You can submit your nominations until 30 September 2019.


The dishwashing machine – an invention from 1886

To protect her fine china and avoid having to hand-wash them herself, Josephine Cochran set out to invent a better dishwashing machine. Widowed early in this effort, she worked tirelessly to build a successful prototype, sell her invention, and ultimately turn a tedious task into an iconic American appliance.