Time Extension Decision of OHIM President

OHIM_logoFollowing the launch of the new OHIM website on 2 December, a number of technical problems have led to the instability and improper functioning of the electronic tools provided to users to communicate with the Office, leading in some instances to actual interruptions in service.

In order to ensure that users who may have been unable to make use of these electronic tools to communicate with the Office as they would normally have done so are not adversely affected, the President of OHIM today publishes Decision No EX-13-8 concerning the extension of time limits due to  the interruption of the means for sending communications to and from the Office.

The Decision establishes that all time limits expiring between 2 December, 2013 and 19 December, 2013 are extended until 20 December 2013.

The Decision enters into force on 20 December, 2013.


Source: OHIM