Project of smart tyre that generates energy, celebrating intellectual property with new registers

patentThe fleet of electric cars increases each year, thus new ways to take and storing ecologically energy are essential to the future of this market. So the World famous Company Goodyear of tires called the attention in this week to present in the Geneva Saloon the project of a smart tire called BH-03.Such product still not yet left the drawing board, but highlight by the purpose to generate electrical energy, that would be capable of supplying the car motor. It happened by through a triple system of captation: the black surface of tire absorbed the sunlight, while the vehicle was parked, and the heat generated by friction while this was in movement.

All of this would work through use of thermoelectric material. Finally, the energy produced by deformation of surfasse from tire in movement would be used too. This new technology of tire that generates energy and preserve the environment can celebrate the intellectual property with new registers of patents, industrial designs, trademarks, softwares, between others.

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