Accelerated Examination for Patent Applications (AEP) in the field of Green Energy Technology Enhances the Efficiency of Patent Portfolio Thereof in Taiwan

Logo_JAW-HWA1In order to encourage the development of green energy technology and enhance the efficiency of examination, Condition 4 for applying for accelerated examination was added and has been effective from January 01, 2014. By getting the patent right quickly, it is expected to enhance the efficiency of patent portfolio in the field of green energy technology in Taiwan.

Please refer to the statistics about the AEP in the field of green energy technology filed since January 01 until the end of August 2014 as listed in the table below:green energy technology in Taiwan

Until the end of August 2014, the TIPO has received 28 AEP requests in the field of green energy technologies, in which about 82% of the applicants are domestic applicants. The top three technologies are: solar cell, energy-saving electric vehicle and smart grid. The patent applications in the field of solar cell are mainly the electrode modulation and thin film materials. As to the patent applications in the field of energy-saving electric vehicle, they mainly are power generation system with improved efficiency.

In order to encourage the green energy technologies, the TIPO proceeds with the examination of the AEP requests with the first priority. In average, it only takes about 70 days from filing the AEP to receiving the Official Actions. Among the 28 AEP requests in the field of green energy technologies, the TIPO has finished the examination and issued Official Actions for 18 patent applications in which two applications have received the Official decisions.

As long as an invention patent application conforms to any of the following conditions, it will be available to apply for Condition 4 for an accelerated examination:

  • It involves technologies with respect to energy conservation, new energy and new energy vehicle, etc.
  • It involves technologies with respect to carbon reduction and resource saving.

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Source: TIPO News published on September 19, 2014

Delivered by: Sandy WANG (Ms.) / Senior Partner

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